We are the founders of the revolutionary, Sport Precise Methodology; that identify common traits of human movement. Additionally, we created a range of products to enhance each stage. Build strength, fast twitch fibers, maintain the kinetic chain flow, improve muscle and brain communication, form for precise hitting movements.

Get real results; ultimately our products work and work fast.


  • Strength, movement away from the core builds strength in the big and small muscles critical to that movement.
  • Releasing from precise resistance triggers acceleration at the exact moment you need it the most.
  • Precise resistance keeps body parts at the perfect distance from the core throughout the Kinetic Chain.
  • Increase Power; Regarding speed, strength, and technique, the three elements combine to form the fundamentals of power for all sports movements.
  • Fast and continued increases in performance; regarding speed, strength, technique, and power; players show significant improvement. 


Our patented Sport Precise technolgy gives a complete range of motion using an unbroken circle and 360 degrees of resistance.


  • Easy-To-Use; Quickly slide off the arms to sit around the waist ready for later usage. 
  • Adjustable to fit multiple torsi and arm circumferences.
  • Morphs in response to all your movements, without hindering your natural flow.
  • Wear for your entire practice with zero irritation; critical for repetitive movements on the skin. Players can and have comfortably worn our products for an entire training session..
  • Adaptable to work for any swing method. Multifunction features, interchangeable; hit with both arms, rear or front arm inside. Use with and training exercise with options to isolate subcategories of power hitting. 
  • All-in-one overload and underload training. In essence, you get a workout in game day muscles without working out. 

HOW DOES SIZING WORK? Adjustable to one-size-fits-all design is silky smooth, lightweight, durable and super-strong. Wear for your entire practice, and it won’t break, even under extreme conditions. In a few simple steps, you can adjust the size to fit the smallest of kids to the biggest adults. Each of the product pages contains downloadable PDF instructions, located in the "additional information" tab. You'll also receive paper instructions with your order.

DO YOU OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? Return within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. No questions asked.  You can send an email to or use our web contact form, to begin the refund process.

HOW DOES SHIPPING WORK? We ship to all countries. We've delivered our product to over 30 countries, without a glitch. 

Orders are shipped next day from our Global Headquarters in Australia.

  • Global Express; USA 4 working days, all other countries 5 working days.
  • Global Standard; USA 6 working days, all other countries 7 working days.
  • Australia Domestic; 2-4 working days to all states.

USA customers; enter your tracking code at the USPS website, STATUS OF ITEM update; "Processed Through Facility PERTH EMPTY BAG RETURN CENTRE, AUSTRALIA" and represents the date your order departs on the flight from Australia to the USA. Of course, the flight is the longest period where you won't receive updates, generally a few days.

When it lands in the USA and passes through customs, it will be scanned by USPS, and the page will update with details of your delivery. If you decide it's convenient, you can enter your email or cell number in the bottom section of your USPS tracking page to receive live updates.

Rest of the world; enter your tracking code at the AusPost website. 


CAN I PAY WITH ANOTHER CURRENCY? Yes, PayPal Express automatically convert currency to US$. 

DO I HAVE TO CHANGE MY CURRENT METHODS? No, you don't. You can use our products with any methodology and integrate into your current program.

CAN YOU SHARE WITH OTHER PLAYERS ON A TEAM? You can, but we don't recommend you share due to the importance of sizing and fitting. To run an efficient practice, we recommend you have one per player or at the minimum one for every two players.  

I’M A NOVICE PARENT CAN I COACH MY KID? Yes, our products are beginner-friendly, doing most of the coaching for you.

WHAT'S YOUR AGE RECOMMENDATIONS? Our products are kid-friendly. See the "additional information" tab on our product pages for age recommendations relating to that particular product.

WHAT PAYMENTS DO YOU ACCEPT? Decide how you want to pay with PayPal's New Express Checkout. You're not required to sign up to PayPal. You can use your credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

HOW DO YOU COMMUNICATE AFTER I ORDER? Immediately you will receive an email with your receipt. Within 24-48 hours you'll receive our welcome email containing step-by-step quick start instructions and links to handy training guides. Within 24 hours of your order shipping, you'll receive your code to track your delivery. 

HOW DOES YOUR WARRANTY WORK? Simply email and return within 12 months for a replacement. 

I HAVE A COUPLE MORE QUESTIONS. Email or use our web contact form generally, our staff responds within 12 hours.