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LASER Strap™ Bat Speed Trainer - Baseball & Softball Hitting Aid - One-Size-Fits-All



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See immediate results as our patented Sport Precise™ technology uses Sport Precise™ Resistance and Acceleration to improve bat speed, power, and technique. Choose your way to train, multi-function design means you can use with any hitting drills/programs/philosophies.
1) LASER Strap™ Bat Speed Trainer: Adjustable/One-Size-Fits-All hitting aid for baseball and softball. Our new LASER Blue model has just landed!
2) Free Training Guides: For those who would like drills, tips and plans to follow, you can try our 20 Minute LASERS, Hitting Crash Course and a range of beginner-friendly to advanced training guides for whatever your swing needs. Available 24/7 at TheHittingProject.com website, YouTube and Facebook Page.
3) Free Shipping: Economy air parcel delivered to anywhere in the world, with tracking (offer excludes premium ship).
4) Quick Start Guides: Website and PDF versions (see below for PDF Download) available 24/7 at TheHittingProject.com website. Paper version included with your delivery.
5) Peace of Mind: 60-day money back and 3-year full replacement warranty.

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  1. Sport Precise resistance flows to acceleration, instantly supercharging bat speed and power. 
  2. Takes care of the hardest parts of hitting (staying connected/hands-inside-the-ball) making it easier to master the basics. And if you need help with the basics you can follow our 20 Minute Lasers and Hitting Crash Course.
  3. LASER Blast drills (both arms inside) and LASER Whip drills (back arm inside) accommodate to all types of mechanics and hitting philosophies. Whether you're a Torque, Rotational, Linear-to-Rotational hitter or just starting out with the basics, it makes no difference; you'll gain immediate bat speed and power.

LASER shots! Around the world. 2 new countries

LASER shots! Around the world in 80 seconds. Players from USA, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, Italy and Netherlands. 2 new countries made the list, we want to see all 196, send us your LASER Strap videos.

Posted by Baseball & Softball around the World on Sunday, May 21, 2017

Additional Information

Brand LASER Core ℗
Make Sport Precise™ Trainer
Designed For Baseball Hitting, Softball Hitting
Unique Product Features Designed with Unique Sport Precise™ Specifications to Be Used with Any Baseball or Softball Hitting Drills
Sizes One-Size-Fits-All. Easy to Adjust to Comfortably Fit Kids & Adults
Type Sport Precise™ Duel Band
Parts Sport Precise Core Band, Sliding Arm Bands, Core Anchor and Arm Band Adjusters to Size and Control Resistance Levels, Strong Hold Attachment Clips
Color LASER Blue Arm Bands and White Core Band
Sport Science Features Develops Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers (Speed), Develops Procedural Memory (Muscle Memory), Enables the Kinetic Chain (Big Muscles Move First - Little Ones Follow), Improves Strength in Acceleration and Deceleration Muscles, Improves Strength in Powerful Core Muscles
Training Options Free Training Guides at TheHittingProject.com, Wear it with your Current Training Program
Recommended Ages 6 to Adult
Adult Supervision 16 and Under
Skill Levels Suitable for All Skill Levels
Instructions Paper Instructions with Delivery, PDF Download at TheHittingProject.com, Attached to Order Confirmation Email
Multi-Function Training Options Both Arms, Option to Remove Front Arm, Option to Remove Back Arm
Wearability Wear for your Entire Practice, Option to Wear Around Waist For Later Use
Sport Precise Band Material Patented design using our state-of-the-art Sport Precise technology provides the perfect resistance so you can improve as you train, Light weight, silky smooth on the outside (eliminating skin irritation) and thousands of woven elastic micro-strands forming form a super-strong core (will never break)
Sport Precise™ Band Fitting Options Around your Torso and Sitting at the Bottom/Middle of your Chest
Sport Precise™ Band Resistance Options Reduce Size to Increase Resistance & Acceleration, Increase Size to Reduce Resistance Resistance & Acceleration
Arm Band Material Similar to our Sport Precise Band the Arm Bands except with thicker material to provide a comfortable yet strong hold grip on your arms
Arm Band Fitting Options Fit around the bottom of your bicep to increase resistance and acceleration, Fit around the middle of your bicep to decrease resistance and acceleration
Anchor Band Fitting Options Anchor Band Not Applicable for this Product
Bridging Band Alignment Bridging Band Not Required for this Product
Alignment of Clips Clip in and Align to your Spine
Postage Standard Air Parcel Delivering to All Countries
Tracking USPS Tracking Provided For US Orders, AusPost Tracking Provided for Orders to all Other Countries
Returns and Refunds 60 Days, Full Money Back, Seller Pays for Return Shipping
Warranty 3 Years, Full Replacement


See immediate results as our patented Sport Precise™ technology uses Sport Precise™ Resistance and Acceleration to improve bat speed, power, and technique.



Sport activity utilizing wearable Sport Precise Technology to combine Resistance and Acceleration for, (1) Increasing strength in the precise, core and non-core muscles unique to each sport (2) Improving speed (fast twitch fibers) and technique (kinetic chain), resulting in the development of procedural memory required to increase game day performance (muscle memory).


Strong, durable, smooth and lightweight our main Sport Precise™ can be worn for your entire practice for any type of drill. Examples of the Sport Precise flow for hitting (yin yang):


KEY COMPONENT: Resistance (yin) Acceleration (yang) LOAD: Back Elbow Away (yin) Front Elbow In (yang) SWING PATH TO CONTACT: Back Elbow In (yin) Front Elbow Away (yang) Sport Precise Technology harnesses and channels the flow to improve, speed (fast twitch muscle memory) and power (core strength). Both elements quickly transfer from practice to gameday.


— Products shown: LASER Strap™ Bat Speed Trainer .

Posted by thehittingproject.com on Sunday, May 28, 2017



All you have to do is wear it and train… Sport Precise technology maintains the perfect amount Sport Precise™ Resistance, transforming to Sport Precise™ Acceleration to improve sport performance without hindering your everyday practice movements.



Improve “Brain And Muscle Communication System” (referred to as muscle memory) Sport Precise Technology, more specifically Sport Precise Acceleration, trains your brain and fast twitch muscle fibers to adapt to the increase in speed. As a result, you'll see improved performance of your neurotransmitters, motor neurons and fast twitch Sport Precise muscle fibers.



You get bigger, faster and stronger with each practice session. Sport Precise™ Resistance improves strength in your small and your big muscles (core) unique to your sport.



Facilitating the correct sequence of the Kinetic Chain. Big muscles (core) move first and your small muscles follow.



Sport Precise™ Technology provides you with support in the joints that take the most pressure for your day-to-day sport activities.




You can’t trick your subconscious mind. If there’s any doubt in your head on gameday, this reveals itself in the form of jumping, reaching, lunging and/or pulling off the ball. To be a successful hitter you need to be 100% confident you can hit any pitch, not just the easy ones.

*The following multifunction drills can be used with our LASER Strap, Baseball Precise and Softball Precise products.

1) LASER WHIP DRILLS: Strength + Speed + Technique + Momentum = Powerful Extension


Set Up: Back arm inside - Contact Zones: Mid-to-extended - Gameday Skill Set: Sitting-on-your-pitch/guess-hitting, identify and capitalize on a pitchers mistake, hitting in “aggressive swing” batting counts (example 3 balls-1 strike). Belt-High hanging breaking ball or below average fastball. *Optional, hitting hard-down-and-away pitches.


Our patented Sport Precise Technology gives the perfect amount of resistance to keep you connected to your core, and with LASER Whip drills you’ll get a super-boost in bat speed, needed to create “Momentum Power” for extended contact zones (as opposed to “Core/Force Power” with LASER Blast drills).


Extra BP work in Hotlanta! USA

This is how it's done during extra BP work in Hotlanta! USA. Video Credit: Seth La Fera Batspeedpowerhitting.com This video constitutes a small part of the first LASER Strap, High School case study in which Pace Academy increased team offense by 194 hits (264% increase). And the player hitting Jaden Steagall - 2016 Batting Average: 148 | 2017 Batting Average: 368 (120 point increase). See the full details https://thehittingproject.com/massive-increase-team-offense-wins/

Posted by thehittingproject.com on Monday, May 22, 2017



LASER Whip drills give more Sport Precise Acceleration to begin your swing, training your brain and fast twitch muscle fibers to adapt to the extra speed. As a result, you'll see improved performance of your neurotransmitters, motor neurons and fast twitch Sport Precise muscle fibers (muscle memory).



Sport Precise™ Resistance increases strength on the back side of your body. LOAD: Back Elbow Away (shoulder and core muscles).


STRENGTH + SPEED + TECHNIQUE = EXPLOSIVE CORE POWER: Hit for power against power pitchers. See immediate results as our patented Sport Precise™ technology uses Sport Precise™ Resistance and Acceleration to improve explosive core power.




Posted by 台灣 Taiwan Laser Strap on Monday, May 22, 2017



Set Up: Both arms inserted - Contact Zones: Mid-to-deep - Gameday Skill Set: See-read-react hitting, hitting for power against power pitchers, hit for average, plate discipline and stop jumping in the batter's box.


The key to hitting for power against power pitchers is to allow your core to take over your swing. Sport Precise™ resistance prevents arming your swing, you'll quickly adapt to use your powerful core and master the Kinetic Chain (big muscles move first and your small muscles follow).


Connecting your back arm triceps to your rib cage/core, Sport Precise™ resistance acts as a bridge to transfer explosive power from your core to your swing. All you have to do's wear it and hit!


Placement of Anchor Armbands

Placement of Anchor Armbands for LASER Blast drills. Thanks to Seth La Fera from Batspeedpowerhitting.com for making the trip to 台中洲際棒捄埸 Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium and showing the local professionals how the Laser Strap 台灣 works. Also, thanks to 林知譽 Lamigo#94 and Jeff Huang

Posted by thehittingproject.com on Monday, May 22, 2017



LASER Blast drills organically fix mistakes. Simply as you practice to let the ball travel deeper before committing to your swing. In the next video take note of pitch number 3 where the player takes the pitch. To the untrained eye it goes unnoticed, however, it’s an important skill acquired from LASER Blast Drills.


LASER Blast drills complement "see-read-and-react" hitting (key for a 2-strike approach) as you learn to "close your mind and open your eyes". The combination of letting the ball travel and using your natural reflexes builds game day confidence and an eagle's “batting eye”. Allowing you to, "see-read-and-react" too hard and late-breaking pitches, for example; the down-and-away slider.


Quick start guide


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    I am honestly amazed at the progress
    Review by Doug FL USAon 21/05/2017
    Thanks again. We have been practicing the drills with the trainer and I am honestly amazed at the progress. I have also been telling other parents and coaches about your product so this will hopefully drive more business for you.
  • Rating
    Time to get my daughter dialed in!!!
    Review by R.PD on 18/05/2017
    OMG! guess what just showed up on my doorstep???? Time to get my daughter dialed in!!! Really appreciated!
  • Rating
    I really believe in the strap
    Review by G.Loweon 13/05/2017
    I've always loved your stuff I really believe in the strap and I can see how this is going to explode with schools and organizations catching on. Thank you again
  • Rating
    Improved bat speed after 20 minutes
    Review by Jon Darston 30/04/2017
    Hello Clint, I can see much improved bat speed after one 20 minute laser session with my 10 year old son. Video attached.
  • Rating
    Proud of my boy
    Review by Colin Smalpageon 20/04/2017
    Proud of my boy, 17's School Boys All Australian, State League batting average winner and All Star Team, another great Statistic for the Laser Strap thanks
  • Rating
    He hit it one over the fence yesterday....and way over : )
    Review by RWon 31/03/2017
    Hey Clint,
    Following up, thanks for sending my little guy the laser strap. He hit it one over the fence yesterday....and way over : ) Thanks
  • Rating
    I personally feel it is one of the best training aids I have seen
    Review by Jimon 27/03/2017
    I host a weekly podcast called Youth Baseball Talk. You can check us out at www.youthbaseballtalk.com. I have been following the development of your product as I personally feel it is one of the best training aids I have seen. Just curious if you would want to come on one of my shows and talk about it and how it can help kids. Just let me know if you wanna come on. Have a great day!
  • Rating
    What gets me excited is how quickly it works to keep you connected
    Review by GuyM58on 19/03/2017
    My son started a new swing this fall and it's based on a deep barrel swing. It's not rotational and it's obviously not knob to the ball or the push swing. Bobby Tewksbury AB athletics, has been working this swing for several years and it's his. He has worked with some pros like Chris Calabrelo. We tried your deep barrel LASER Blast drills too and what gets me excited is how quickly it works to keep you connected. Since he's not using the push hands swing, he needs to stay connected to his shoulder more. He has always been an early swinger and your Laser Strap has helped, especially on outside pitches. Outside for him isn't always easy being early.
  • Rating
    I’m ready to strap this thing on and get to work.
    Review by EricTon 12/03/2017
    Dude….you are spot on! As you saw, my hip rotation has been lagging for years! Even in the big leagues. I'm not satisfied to be at 60%, I’m ready to strap this thing on and get to work.
  • Rating
    Love the laser strap
    Review by RogerK8767on 7/03/2017
    Love the laser strap, good communication!
  • Rating
    I've never use my hips to swing
    Review by adriant457on 6/03/2017
    I only took my first batting lesson this year and the coaches emphasized exactly what you are teaching. I play in the NABA league here in the US, incredibly I've never use my hips to swing and my arms have always been long and casting, your training tool has turned me into a real batter!
  • Rating
    We use it to get some extra work in prior to the games.
    Review by 61henryon 6/03/2017
    We use it to get some extra work in prior to the games. He will definitely be facing some top line pitchers so we've been working on your deep contact Laser drills. We are leaving tomorrow and traveling to play for the Regional Little League Championship. His 11 year old Little League All-Star team just finished winning the State Championship last week and now will play 11 year old team's that won their state championship from Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Thanks again for everything.
  • Rating
    I can really feel a more compact swing after just a few days
    Review by Buddy Hortonon 6/03/2017
    Hi Clint, I just wanted to let you know that I received my laser strap wed. I am looking forward to getting the newest model that you sent me. Thanks so much for your kindness. I have worked out a little every day with tee drills, front toss drills and basic cage work. I can really feel a more compact swing after just a few days. In my sessions today without the strap I was hitting lasers. I have a game tomorrow and Im looking forward to more confidence. A little about myself-I am a 47 yr old catcher that plays in 2 separate adult leagues in Atlanta, Ga, a Sunday 45 and over league and a weeknight 18 and over league with some former professional and triple A pitchers. I'm hitting about .315 right now, but my swing feels long, especially when someone is throwing cheese! Thats why I was inspired by your product. I will keep you updated on my swing. Thanks for everything.
  • Rating
    The Da vinci code to hitting
    Review by Barry Ton 6/03/2017
    Combine your swing trainer and ur philosophies n it's over... Luv the 2 swing approach can't wait to teach it
  • Rating
    The proof is in the pudding!
    Review by mike85362014on 6/03/2017
    I can't tell u how many of my guys jump to there front side and cast the hands out... Your swing trainer immediately solved these issues. The proof is in the pudding!
  • Rating
    We are 5-2 now
    Review by Chris Gon 6/03/2017
    Three games in now and hit three bombs so far. We are 5-2 now. It's really helped one of my Juniors for fix casting, he still has another year with me he should play in college if he keeps this up.
  • Rating
    We loved it!
    Review by R.Weissmanon 6/03/2017
    We loved it! My team just finished second in the world with a 13-2 record. We lost in the title game of the world series. I plan to post the video of the title game on our web site this weekend. Many thanks for your guidance and help,!
  • Rating
    Your quickstart guide for sizing down for kids really helped
    Review by gregpapson 6/03/2017
    With all the images of adult players on your website I didn't realize it's a one size fits all approach or else I would've tried it sooner. Its for my 11 year old, and wasn't sure if it would fit. Your quickstart guide for sizing down for kids really helped. He lives, eats, and breathes baseball, so he's fired up for Laser Time. Will let you know when he hits that dinger! Thanks again
  • Rating
    This is a remarkable product
    Review by Xavier Mon 6/03/2017
    This is a remarkable product. I bought it for my 8 year old
  • Rating
    So simple and makes sense!
    Review by VLPalmeron 6/03/2017
    Lots of Laser strap work, Jt uses it all the time and prior to games, the kid works, works and continues to work! Lots of questions from people. So simple and makes sense! I read your stuff like clockwork!
  • Rating
    There has been a distinct improvement in the kids
    Review by JohnnyOon 6/03/2017
    I had LL practice today and there has been a distinct improvement in the kids. One thing I have learned is the pitch up and in on the hands is that hitters don't understand to keep the barrel level in there swing. Therefore without the laser strap they drop the barrel and they have to lift there shoulders to hit that pitch which makes them to long. I think the pitch in and on hitters hands gets slot of guts out.
  • Rating
    Kid was barreling everything with back spin to the pull side and not getting hook spin that he gets a lot of at times
    Review by UHon 6/03/2017
    We had a freshman the other day use it in tee work then later we were in the field hitting off a machine with no timing mechanism. Lots of guys were getting long and trying to over do it to catch up to the ball that was jumping on them. I had the same kid wear it in this drill and he kept it simple while having it strapped to his backside elbow. Kid was barreling everything with back spin to the pull side and not getting hook spin that he gets a lot of at times. All the other players where like, "what has he been doing? It was impressive, our head coach just kept looking at me and raising his eyebrows.
  • Rating
    Went from team BA of .253 last season to .356 this year!
    Review by Mike Brown H.S Coachon 6/03/2017
    Your bat speed trainer really helped our team. We had the best hitting club ever!!! Went from team BA of .253 last season to .356 this year! Going to start back next week after they get some post season rest. Thanks
  • Rating
    Achieving proper swing mechanics after just two short sessions with my kid
    Review by J.Johnsonon 6/03/2017
    I wanted to write to thank you for the effort you have put in to taking a complicated movement and making it easy. What induced me to purchase your hitting aid was your note about information overload. I believe you are absolutely correct with this point as evidenced by markedly better results in achieving proper swing mechanics after just two short sessions with my kid. He is getting it now – and his body is beginning to function as one unit, rather than a bunch of parts and pieces…Your product along with your website brings a great deal of information together that was incredibly difficult to access even 15 – 20 years ago when I was playing. I think this is spot on and is of great value to any parent, or participant in the game of baseball today. I want to thank you for your contribution to the world of hitting.
  • Rating
    Laser Strap is awesome!
    Review by PPSok78on 6/03/2017
    Things have gotten a ton better! Work with the Laser Strap is awesome! He had a great tourney this past weekend! When he keeps his head down and let’s the ball travel he’s solid up the middle or to right center.
  • Rating
    He hit his first home run to the opposite field
    Review by SunnyY_V145on 6/03/2017
    I referred to your product to assist my 12-year-old son. He hit his first home run to the opposite field with the bases loaded during the regular season and this past Saturday during our Championship game he hit a lead off solo home run to center field to tie up the game in the 6th inning 4-4 and we won the Championship in the 8th. SPBA 12U Bronco American Champions - Thanks my son Gabriel had a wonderful season. So did Mom & Dad!
  • Rating
    Hardest ball I’ve ever hit
    Review by SteveNYon 6/03/2017
    I was never seen as a power hitter however I hit 2 doubles in my league here in last 2 games using your coaching tips, one of which was absolutely the hardest ball I’ve ever hit. What’s more is I feel I’m not feeling exhaustive at the plate, just more relaxed. Really great stuff and your simple clear coaching approach to hitting has been a great asset. As a mostly defensive player, I’m now having much more fun on offense.
  • Rating
    Man …it’s a great tool!
    Review by Harry VRon 4/03/2017
    We have received it and we already used it with our students and man …it’s a great tool! I will send some photo’s as soon as possible, again THANKS!!!

    United Youth Baseball Education