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Slowpitch Precise™ 800℗


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Slowpitch Precise™ 800℗ combines all the benefits of our; LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer, along with an anchor waistband giving a range of motion for defensive drills.


Exclusive video, testing our new Slowpitch Precise​800

Versatility to the max, see how quickly you can transition. Exclusive video, testing our new Slowpitch Precise800 - excuse the baseball bat ;)

Posted by Slowpitch Precise on Thursday, June 15, 2017

Additional Information

PHASES OF MOVEMENT PRECISE We are the founders of the revolutionary, Sport Precise Methodology; that identify common traits of human movement. Additionally, we created a range of products to enhance each stage.
RESISTANCE LOAD OUTWARD PUSH AGAINST THE EXOPRECISE. Benefits: Rear shoulder strength, core muscles strength, improved form and brain and muscle communication.
ACCELERATED LAUNCH RELEASE FROM RESISTANCE ACCELERATING BACK YOUR BODIES CORE. Benefits: Speed, fast twitch development, improve form, brain and muscle communication.
RESISTANCE RE-CONNECTION CONNECT OR ARRIVE CLOSE TO YOUR CORE. Benefits: Improved accuracy, form, brain & muscle communication.
ACCELERATED RELAUNCH SIMULTANEOUS PUSH RESISTANCE AND PULL ACCELERATION. Benefits: Strengthening core muscles, fast twitch muscle fibers, improve form, brain & muscle communication
POWER FOLLOW-THROUGH ACCELERATION TRANSFERS TO MOMENTUM. Benefits: Strength, fast twitch, technique, procedural memory.
ACCELERATED RETURN MOVEMENT IN AND RETURNING TO YOUR CORE. ACCELERATION AND RESISTANCE. Benefits: Strength, fast twitch, technique and procedural memory.
FEATURES LIST 1 Simple to use and time effective. Adjustable to fit multiple torso and arm circumferences. Morphing in response to all movement without hindering the natural flow. Minimal irritation - especially for repetitive movements on the skin.
FEATURES SUMMARY Sport Precise resistance improves technique and builds strength muscles. Releasing from resistance triggers Sport Precise acceleration providing speed, and improve fast twitch muscle fibers.
DESIGN OVERVIEW Exoskeleton device generating consistent and precise resistance to meet the specifications required to work for all movements. The device gives a Superhuman External Framework; for the body. With the pulling force of a tendon, the speed of fast twitch mus
KINETIC CHAIN Sport Precise Resistance aids the Kinetic Chain. In simpler terms, helping the big muscles to move first, as the smaller follow. Aligning and anchoring at mid spine, near to the deep intrinsic muscle; Multifidus which works together with core abdominal a
Recommended Ages 14 to Adult
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Adult Supervision 16 and Under
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