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Slowpitch Precise™ 800℗


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Slowpitch Precise™ 800℗ combines all the benefits of our; LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer, along with an anchor waistband giving a range of motion for defensive drills.


Exclusive video, testing our new Slowpitch Precise​800

Versatility to the max, see how quickly you can transition. Exclusive video, testing our new Slowpitch Precise800 - excuse the baseball bat ;)

Posted by Slowpitch Precise on Thursday, June 15, 2017

Additional Information

INSTANT SPEED Releasing from Sport Precise™ Resistance triggers acceleration at the perfect times.
LASER STRENGTH Any time you move away from your core you get stronger in the big and small muscles unique to each sport movement.
LASER PRECISION Sport Precise™ Resistance keeps you at the perfect distance from your core throughout your Kinetic Chain Flow; immediately improving mechanics.
LASER FAST REFLEXES Sport Precise™ Technology helps your “Brain And Muscle Communication System” (referred to as muscle memory). You'll automatically adapt and increase the performance of fast twitch muscle fibers.
DESIGN OVERVIEW Patented Sport Precise™ Technology Adjustable to one-size-fits-all design is silky smooth, lightweight, durable and super-strong. Wear for your entire practice, and it won’t break, even under extreme conditions.
Is It Easy To Use? Yes, our products are beginner-friendly, doing the coaching for you. We provide a simple, quick start guide for sizing, fitting and practicing.
How Often Should I Use It? As much as you can, especially to maintain your swing speed and strength during the season. Similar to a weight lifter who stops working out, you'll lose bat speed and power.
What Are Sport Precise Products? Sports training using "wearable" Sport Precise technology provides resistance and acceleration to improve speed and power instantly.
Sizes All our products are designed to be One-Size-Fits-All. In a few simple steps, you can adjust the size to fit the smallest of kids to the biggest adults.
QuickStart PDF PDF QuickStart Guide
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Brand Sport Precise™
Recommended Ages 14 to Adult
Adult Supervision 16 and Under
Returns and Refunds 60 Days, Full Money Back, Seller Pays for Return Shipping
Warranty 3 Years, Full Replacement


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