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Cricket Precise Trainer (bat, bowl and field)


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DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR 20/20 CRICKET: Bat, bowl and field with LASER power, speed and precision.
DOES THE COACHING FOR YOU: Precise resistance and acceleration creates muscle memory geared for game day success.
IMPROVE POWER, WORKS FAST: take your power game to the next level as you crush pull shot after pull shot, deep into the pavilion.Stay connected to your core, utilizing the Kinetic Chain for power big muscles first, little ones follow.
WEAR IT WITH ANY DRILL: Comfortable and durable, wear it for your entire practice with any type of cricket drill.
INNOVATIVE AND PATENTED DESIGN: In a few simple steps you can adjust from adult size to a small child. Sliding armbands allow for perfect symmetry, no matter your shape or size. Adjust tension levels to match your skill level and/or training regimen.
IMPROVE DEFENSE: Train to block against the toughest bowlers as your bat never strays too far away from your pads.
BIG POWER LITTLE MOVEMENT: Learn how to generate powerful cricket shots with minimal movement giving you confidence to bat off the fastest bowlers.
STAY LONGER AT THE CREASE: Reduced movement improves your ability to read and react to different types of pitch conditions.
AVOID BEING CLEAN BOWLED OR EMBARRASSING DUCKS: Build your confidence to let the cricket ball travel and cut down on whiffing at the ball.
REVERSE POOR BATTING HABITS :Fixes common mistakes Triggered by your lack of confidence to let the ball travel, such as; lunging, ducking, reaching and whiffing at the cricket ball. Created by years of undisciplined cricket training


How does it help fast bowling and fielding? There's a push/pull concept with each arm. Every action equal and opposite reaction - with throwing, your front arm stretches the band pulling the back arm through just at the right time. Same happens with hitting (more to do with elbow action) -Its going save arm injuries - wear and tear - it provides support to your elbow and shoulder -It will speed up delivery via improved fast twitch -Improve technique -Strengthen all the core and non core muscles related to fast bowling It's like an elastic band, any time you get away it gives resistance to the small muscles related to the movement prepping you for the acceleration back to your core (fast twitch/procedural memory) then providing resistance on the movement away from your body again. The material is the key, smooth, lightweight with the exact tensile needed to allow you to do your normal practice activities. Took us a while but we got the perfect formula for material The 360 degree unbroken circle around your torso has a lot do with why it works for all sports


What is Sport Precise™ Training?

Regular sport practice utilizing a wearable device, enabling full range of motion without any restrictions and providing precise resistance and acceleration to develop:

(1) Strength in the precise, core and non-core muscles vital for peak game day performance.

(2) Speed and technique in the precise muscles to develop procedural memory (muscle memory).


Who Created Sport Precise™ Training?

Founder of Clinton Balgera is the inventor and patent holder of the world's first and only Sport Precise Trainer™, LASER CORE℗ Sport Precise™


Additional Information

Popularity No
Manufacturer LASER CORE℗
Ages 8 to Adult
Components Sport Precise Torso Band, Sport Precise Torso Band, Anchor Armbands, Bridging Band, Adjustment Buckles
Model LC-C100
Make Cricket Precise
Condition Brand New
Adult Supervision For Kids Under 16 Yes
Bridge Band Size 7 cm (3.5 inches)
Sport Science Features Resistance (Strength), Acceleration (Fast Twitch Muscles), Procedural (Muscle) Memory, Core Power, Kinetic Chain (Big Muscles First Little Ones Follow)
Product Category Training Aid
Kinetic Chain Open chain exercises (OKC)
Range of Motion Arms Straight Out To Side, Arms Straight In Out In Front, Arms Straight Up In Air, Windmill Arms
Sub Category Cricket Training Aid
Sports Cricket
Free Shipping Free standard shipping
Skill Levels Beginner-Friendly to advanced
Sizing One-Size-Fits-All
Training Guides Drills, tips and practice plans provided for free at
Instructions Quickstart guides. Paper version provided with your delivery - [PDF version] - 24/7 access to our Laser Package
Payment Credit and debit card securely processed by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to checkout. We do not store any of your financial information
Postage Special free postage to all countries. For a limited time only
Delivery Time Global average 3-5 business days. Include handling time. Delivery times may vary
Delivering To All countries
Shipping Carrier AusPost Express
Order Tracking You'll receive an email containing a tracking link for
Returns 60 day money back, seller pays return postage
Warranty 3 year full warranty replacement coverage
Material Type Elasticized technology. Smooth on the outside. Super-strong core consisting of woven elastic micro-strands
Material Strength High tensile
Armband Length 47 centimeters or 18 inches. Adjustable
Armband Color LASER gold
Torso Band Color LASER gold
Torso Band Length 110 centimeters or 43 inches. Adjustable
Waistband Color White with logo
Waistband Length 110 centimeters or 43 inches. Adjustable
Washing Hand wash only
Patent Patent granted to Laser Core Sport Precise Training Aids
Special Price US$127.00
Special Price From Date 22/03/2017
Special Price To Date 28/03/2017


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