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Golf Precise Trainer (driver/iron shots and putting)


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Drive with laser power and hit your irons with laser accuracy

Here's What You Get

1. Sport Precise Golf Training Aid

  • Sport Precise Training: Improves speed and strength in the precise muscles used for golf.
  • Power and Precision: Ticks all the boxes science needed to develop, “The ultimate power golf swing”

2. Free Website Access To Training Guides And Instructions

  • Video guides
  • 24/7 access to detailed instructions (downloadable)

What is Sport Precise™ Training?

Regular sport practice utilizing a wearable device, enabling full range of motion without any restrictions and providing precise resistance and acceleration to develop:

(1) Strength in the precise, core and non-core muscles vital for peak game day performance.

(2) Speed and technique in the precise muscles to develop procedural memory procedural memory (muscle memory).


Who Created Sport Precise™ Training?

Founder of Clinton Balgera is the inventor and patent holder of the world's first and only Sport Precise Trainer™, LASER CORE℗ Sport Precise™



- Sport Precise Golf Training Aid: Improves speed and strength in the precise muscles used for golf. - Power and Precision: Ticks all the boxes science needed to develop, “The ultimate power golf swing”

Additional Information

Brand LASER Core ℗
Make Sport Precise™ Trainer
Designed For Driving, Iron Shots, Putting
Unique Product Features Designed with Unique Sport Precise™ Specifications to Be Used on the Driving Range - Practice Putting Green or Golf Course
Sizes One-Size-Fits-All. Easy to Adjust to Comfortably Fit Kids & Adults
Type Sport Precise™ Quattro Band
Parts Sport Precise Core Band, Sliding Arm Bands, Core Anchor and Arm Band Adjusters to Size and Control Resistance Levels, Anchor Band, Bridging Band, Strong Hold Attachment Clips
Color LASER Green Anchor Band and Arm Bands White Core Band
Sport Science Features Develops Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers (Speed), Develops Procedural Memory (Muscle Memory), Enables the Kinetic Chain (Big Muscles Move First - Little Ones Follow), Improves Strength in Acceleration and Deceleration Muscles, Improves Strength in Powerful Core Muscles
Training Options Wear it with your Current Training Program
Recommended Ages 14 to Adult
Adult Supervision 16 and Under
Skill Levels Suitable for All Skill Levels
Instructions Paper Instructions with Delivery, PDF Download at, Attached to Order Confirmation Email
Multi-Function Training Options Both Arms, Option to Remove Front Arm, Option to Remove Back Arm
Wearability Wear for your Entire Practice, Option to Wear Around Waist For Later Use
Sport Precise Band Material Patented design using our state-of-the-art Sport Precise technology provides the perfect resistance so you can improve as you train, Light weight, silky smooth on the outside (eliminating skin irritation) and thousands of woven elastic micro-strands forming form a super-strong core (will never break)
Sport Precise™ Band Fitting Options Around your Torso and Sitting at the Bottom/Middle of your Chest
Sport Precise™ Band Resistance Options Reduce Size to Increase Resistance & Acceleration, Increase Size to Reduce Resistance Resistance & Acceleration
Arm Band Material Similar to our Sport Precise Band the Arm Bands except with thicker material to provide a comfortable yet strong hold grip on your arms
Arm Band Fitting Options Fit around the bottom of your bicep to increase resistance and acceleration, Fit around the middle of your bicep to decrease resistance and acceleration
Anchor Band Fitting Options Snug Fit Around the Top of your Waist
Bridging Band Alignment Align Close to the middle of your Back
Alignment of Clips Align Sport Precise Band and Anchor Band Clips to your Spine
Postage Express Air Parcel Delivering to All Countries
Tracking USPS Tracking Provided For US Orders, AusPost Tracking Provided for Orders to all Other Countries
Returns and Refunds 60 Days, Full Money Back, Seller Pays for Return Shipping
Warranty 3 Years, Full Replacement


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